Company Name: Xiangshan Xinsen Machinery Co., Ltd.

Address: No.78 Fengbei Rd,Green-processing Zone,Dingtang Town,Ningbo City,China

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Pallet Truck Series

Full hydraulic system. Bullet connection between steering shaft and pump piston. It is covenient to replace the rear wheel.
The oil pump body can be made by assembling the separated prefabricated parts using threaded connection or make by die casting decrease leak possibility.
Easy to maneuver with 210 degrees turning radius.
Grease fitting at all pivotal points to ensure trucks long life and easy control.
Special lowering valve to control the rate of descent and over load by- pass valve to make the trucks durable.
Number of pump strokes-10 . lift height per stroke:12mm.
Reliable oil leak-proof hydraulic system.

Welding  robot for frame and pump make the tuck very strong and nice.
STYLE unit


Max Capacity (kg)2000-2500-3000
Min Height h1(mm)85/75
Max Height h2(mm)200/190
Fork length L(mm)1100,1150,1220,1500,1800,2000
Width over the forks W(mm) 520,550,685
Steering wheel A(mm) Φ200/Φ180
Fork wheel B(mm) Φ80/Φ74
Net weight (kg)75-80
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